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On Demand Webcast: How to Create a Backup for TIA PLC?

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Plant Automation with Backup and Version Control: TIA Portal in Focus

In an environment where production interruptions are costly and time-consuming, you may face challenges that impact your productivity. Unexpected hardware or equipment failures can occur suddenly, bringing your entire production to a standstill. The key question is: How can you avoid or quickly resolve these problems?

Find out from our TIA Portal expert, Michael Grollmus:

  • How efficient data management increases your production reliability
  • Practical insights into manually backing up TIA Portal projects using a CPU including data blocks
  • Automating backups for Siemens PLCs
  • The critical role of version control software in factory automation
  • Effective methods for change tracking and process optimization

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Maximum security through automation

Did you know that automated backups can reduce the risk of data loss by up to 90%? Compared to manual backup methods, automated systems are not only more efficient, but also 70% more reliable.


Your Experts

Michael Grollmus

Dipl.-Ing. (FH) Michael Grollmus

CEO, Grollmus GmbH


Georg Seiss

Director of Customer Service 


Viktor Halblaub

Technical Consultant


Kevin Elling

Account Manager


White papers

IT/OT convergence: backups, security, continuity

Read this white paper to learn how automated backups and an OT data management check can help you avoid production disruptions and ensure the safety of your data.

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