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Release versiondog version 9.5.2

We are happy to announce the much-anticipated release of versiondog 9.5.2. Customers can download the new version at Upgrading to the latest version of versiondog, helps guarantee the highest possible security.

What’s new in versiondog 9.5.2:

  • Improved device & software support:
    • Mitsubishi GxWorks 3
    • Omron CX Programmer
    • Omron Sysmac Studio
    • RSLogix 500
    • Image Service (Support for SFTP)
    • Siemens TIA Portal
  • New databank system
  • Easy Asset Integrator:
    • Configure global job parameters
    • Automatically unzip source code directories
    • Create templates from existing structures (i.e. Project tree)
  • Data protection and privacy:
    • Display custom information in client applications and PDF exports
    • Anonymize previously deleted user accounts
  • ExportModule:
    • General improvements
    • Export the contents of the Event log
    • Export the Adminlog

For more information, click here.

automation solution center

As of versiondog 9.5.2, all functions that were previously provided by the automation solution center freemium version have been integrated into our new product, octoplant. If you wish to continue using these functions, you will require an octoplant license in the future. Curious about our new software? Why not try out our free octoplant demo version, available here:

Free Demo Download    octoplant

We are always happy to answer any technical questions you may have. Please send all support requests via our Support portal.