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Release octoplant server 101.0.3 and versiondog 9.5.3

We are happy to announce the much-anticipated release of octoplant server 101.0.3 and versiondog 9.5.3. Customers can download the new version at Upgrading to the latest version of versiondog, helps guarantee the highest possible security.

Discover what’s new in octoplant and versiondog

Setup, migration, and update:

  • To ensure that you are able to securely migrate your data,
    • you will be informed in the setup about the importance of creating backups when carrying out a migration/update.
    • the rollback of the database migration has been optimized.
  • To provide you with better support, we have improved the analysis capability of our software.
  • To enhance your user experience, text readability and setup processes has been improved. This includes changes to:
    • the web server,
    • compare agent client assignment,
    • LDAP synchronization,
    • handling of empty databases,
    • usage of special characters and
    • user information concerning licenses.


Device integration and version control:

  • To provide you with better comparison results,
    • the selection of comparators by the system has been improved.
    • the S7 comparator has been optimized.
    • the handling of non-root directories for FTP uploads has been improved.
    • we have improved how differences for Omron Sysmac comparators are called.
    • WodFtp 3.5.5 has been set as the default client library. (There is no need to make changes to existing job configuration settings).
  • To save you time, we have simplified the process of assigning rights.
  • To ensure access to the latest information about our software, the supported components and devices section in our offline help has been updated.


User management:

  • To simplify your work, we have improved the system performance of our software to ensure that
    • the BackupClient runs smoothly even after high user fluctuation.
  • By improving the querying of data, we have enhanced performance regarding the functions Expand all and Collapse all.
  • To simplify the usage of security features,
    • the process of locking Access Tokens has been improved in the API.
    • the handling of TLS certificates has been improved.



  • To improve the performance of your system,
    • we have implemented parallel queries to improve dashboard performance.
    • the AutoCheckIn function - when creating new components - has been improved.
  • To increase the efficiency of your hardware utilization,
    • we have improved the ability to allocate memory during synchronization.
    • we have removed memory leaks from license handling.
  • To improve the stability of your system, the limit for the number of database connections has been increased.

More information about the new octoplant version can be found here. Details about the versiondog release can be found here. We are always happy to answer any technical questions you may have. Please send all support requests via our Support portal.