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octoplant and guest speakers share the spotlight

The AUVESY-MDT CONNECT conference was an enormous success. Participants were able to get a look at octoplant, the new product platform that helps to simplify the complexity of automated production environments, and safeguard against downtime and security threats.

Guest speakers from the Fraunhofer Institute, CERN, Siemens Energy AG and Nanostone Waters (to name but a few) shared their experiences and expertise which led to valuable new insights.

Weren’t able to make it to one of our live presentations? No worries!

Video recordings of all presentations are available should you wish to view them at a later date and/or share them. Simply click to access the download area.

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A short review about our online conference AUVESY-MDT Connect 2022. Enjoy!

As production environments move towards digitalization, it comes as no surprise that security and safety continue to be a top priority for companies. Also unsurprising is the fact that the introduction of new technologies is once more gaining in importance. As stated in an article (published in German) on computer & automation (…) Companies are recognizing that they need completely new and modern tools in order to meet the challenges the future poses (…).