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Leadership team for global data management and instant recovery technology company expanded to facilitate product standardization

CEO Dr. Tim Weckerle and COO Stefan Jesse recruit Dr. Diego Ricardo Rapela as their new CTO.

Landau, November 23, 2021 - AUVESY, a global market leader in the field of data management and instant recovery solutions for highly automated industrial companies, has set the ball rolling for their next growth stage with a new product offensive. In addition to this, the company has also expanded its management team. Their current focus is to further develop their services into a standardized digital platform. With this goal in mind, Dr. Diego Rapela joins the AUVESY management team, where he will assume the newly created position of Chief Technology Officer (CTO) from November 2021.  

His addition provides AUVESY with increased capabilities with regard to product development through new international teams. Originally from Argentina and having lived in Germany for over 20 years, Dr. Diego Rapela is a renowned expert in IT infrastructure and data networks. As CTO, he will be the driving force behind transforming AUVESY’s existing software solutions into an integrated digital platform. This will include a number of additional functionalities, including cyber security, compliance management, operational management, business intelligence, as well as education & training. Dr. Rapela will report to Stefan Jesse, who has been responsible for operations at AUVESY since 2020.

AUVESY continues to be listed among the top 100 Industrial IoT company rankings and is a key enabler for companies in their transition to meeting the requirements set out by the Industrial Internet of Things. The software solutions developed by AUVESY enable industrial companies with automated production facilities and manufacturing processes to have uniform central data and information storage, fully automated data backup, version management with detailed change identification, clear documentation, and a high level of user-friendliness. By making production-relevant data visible and quickly accessible at all times, maintenance is simplified, and production optimization is supported. At the same time, downtimes and risks - due to unauthorized external interference - are significantly reduced. The AUVESY software versiondog is used in a variety of different industries, including the automotive industry, the chemical industry, power generation, food production, as well as mechanical and plant engineering.

"After several years of double-digit growth, AUVESY now has the opportunity to accelerate its growth once again. A key step will be transforming our existing data management solutions into a single standardized platform, which is why we have brought in Dr. Diego Rapela, one of the world's best IT infrastructure specialists," explains AUVESY CEO Dr. Tim Weckerle. "Dr. Rapela is a software engineer with outstanding international experience. He is intimately familiar with the IT user side, both in medium-sized and large companies," says AUVESY COO Stefan Jesse. "With his addition, we gain a software expert who will take our capabilities to the next level, especially in product development."

"I am very much looking forward to my new role and my future responsibilities at AUVESY. AUVESY is one of the most attractive mid-market software companies in the world, and a clear winner in the global trend towards accelerated digitalization. I aim to use my experience with regard to the development of complex IT infrastructure, in order to maximize global growth opportunities for AUVESY with the utmost degree of efficiency."

Dr. Diego Rapela, CTO of AUVESY