Guide - Protecting critical infrastructure:

IT baseline protection compliance with versiondog

You want to protect your important OT & IT data? Using the IT baseline protection, the BSI has defined the basic security requirements for system components (controllers, sensors, drives...) as well as process components. versiondog is an important component in the implementation of these requirements to protect your production and process data. As a member of the Alliance for Cyber Security, AUVESY sees itself as a solution provider for integrity, availability, management and security of data in OT and IT. We provide backup, availability, change management and recovery of your process as well as production data. versiondog helps all customers who are oriented on IT baseline protection, whether voluntarily or due to legal regulations, to understand and implement the requirements of the IT baseline protection compendium.

In our guide you will find answers to the following questions:

  • What are the basic and standard requirements regarding IT security for automation components such as controllers, process control systems, HMI's etc.?
  • Which functionality is provided by the software versiondog for the implementation of the requirements from the IT baseline protection?
  • Which security requirements can be realized with versiondog?
  • How do I use versiondog preventively to avoid data loss and machine downtimes?
  • Which possibilities for detection and reaction are provided by versiondog?

In our guide, you will find detailed information as well as a compact graphical overview for each section.