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Connect Express @ Hannover Messe

April 18, 2023 | 9:00 - 11:00 a.m. CET

We broadcast live from the Hannover Messe. You can expect exciting interviews with opinion leaders of the industry, as well as AUVESY-MDT customers and partners, who provide insights into current developments in industrial automation.

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Live from the trade fair to your workplace

At the event, we will host a variety of interviews and discussions with industry leaders, customers and partners such as Microsoft and Eplan, offering insider access to the latest advancements and innovations in industrial automation. Thanks to our Connect Express broadcast, we can once again provide you with all the exciting insights into the challenges of tomorrow so that you are able to implement appropriate solutions today.

In the Connect Express April broadcast, we will address one challenge that manufacturing companies across different industries face: how to make better decisions based on consolidated production data.

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  • What role does the deep integration of different technologies and systems have in implementing digital transformation?
  • How can business intelligence build the bridge to better decisions?
  • How can new automation systems be easily integrated into existing systems and processes?

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A very exciting event with cutting-edge content and lots of inspiration.

Connect Express attendee

Get to Know the Experts

Harold van Waardenburg

Director Vertical Market Management at EPLAN

Harold van Waardenburg is a highly experienced director with extensive experience in the technology industry. He is currently the Director of Vertical Market Management at EPLAN, where he is responsible for overseeing the development and implementation of go-to-market strategies. Prior to this, Harold held the position of Director of Go-to-Market Management at EPLAN and Director of Cloud Business. He has also served as the Managing Director and Country Manager of EPLAN Netherlands, where he was responsible for managing operations and driving growth. Before joining EPLAN, Harold worked at Medtronic as a Project Manager and Manager of Regulatory Affairs, and at Vitatron in various roles, including Manager of Tools Engineering and Senior Electronic Engineer. Harold has over 25 years of experience in the technology industry and is a highly sought-after speaker in online congresses.

Matthäus Hose von Weka Group

Matthäus Hose


Matthäus Hose is responsible for WEKA BUSINESS COMMUNICATION within the WEKA Group. WEKA BUSINESS COMMUNICATION includes the following GmbHs: WEKA FACHMEDIEN, WEKA INDUSTRIE MEDIEN, WEKA BUSINESS MEDIEN,, INFO-TECHNO and of course WEKA Media Publishing.

Matthäus Hose has been working as a manager in the media industry for many years and wrote articles for the "C64er" in his "early youth". He wrote his diploma thesis about the launch of PCgo!, which today belongs to WEKA Media Publishing, and has since never lost his enthusiasm for the digital, event and print formats of this media house.

new COO Stefan Jesse at AUVESY

Stefan Jesse


Stefan Jesse studied Business Administration at the University of Mannheim and spent more than ten years in various top management positions at the leading IT system company Bechtle. Before that, he worked for a number of years as an IT and management consultant across various organizations and industries. At AUVESY-MDT, he is responsible for the Strategy, Commercial, Product, Tech, and M&A departments and is the Speaker of the Executive Board.

Dr. Jonas Kalb

Head of Product, AUVESY-MDT

Dr. Jonas Kalb recently joined AUVESY-MDT as the Head of Product where he acts as the voice of the customer to ensure the best fitting products are brought to market. He previously worked as a strategy consultant with Simon-Kucher & Company, where he developed customer centric commercial models for fast growing companies in the software and technology space. Jonas holds a PhD in Industrial Economics from the University of St Andrews (UK) and an MSc in Economics (Finance) from the University of Edinburgh.

Georg Seiß

Director of Customer Service, AUVESY-MDT

Georg Seiß has gained more than 10 years experience in automated production and production processes in automotive and over 4 years in building solutions for automated production. He holds a degree in Politics, Psychology and Philisophy from the University Koblenz-Landau. At AUVESY-MDT, he is focused on building a future and customer oriented customer service team in order to optimally meet future customer and market requirements.


Shreyas Pande

Shreyas Pande

Customer Success Manager, AUVESY-MDT

As a Customer Success Manager, Shreyas is managing some of our Key Strategic Customers. His core intention is to establish and nurture a healthy business relationship with our special accounts & support them in strategically migrating into our subscription based business model. Previously, Shreyas was working as a Global Business Sales Manager at EPLAN and was responsilbe for the growth of their cloud based digital platform wherein he developed and implemented several global Go-to-Market strategies for their cloud based product portfolio. Shreyas is a Mechanical Engineer and has completed his MBA with focus in Sales, Marketing & Business development from Hof University in Germany. Shreyas brings in the right blend of techno-management know-how and is a firm believer of networking. For him his network is his net-worth.

Interview Schedule

Experts from companies including Microsoft, EPLAN and many more are sharing their invaluable experiences and and their vision of the future of industrial automation.

09:00 // Enhance operational efficiency with Business Intelligence

Interview with Stefan Jesse, Chief Co-CEO at AUVESY-MDT

Whether automotive producers, energy suppliers, food manufacturers or pharmaceutical giants: Almost all of them face the same challenge: managing a heterogeneous production environment with the complexity of all its data from different sources.

  • How do you get access to the really relevant data from different sources?
  • How can all these different program versions, software versions and projects that arise in industrial automation be easily merged?
  • How can all these different software versions and projects that arise in industrial automation be easily brought together? 
  • How can automated production be further optimized with a better understanding of this data?

Stefan Jesse, Co-CEO and Speaker of the Executive Board of AUVEY-MDT, will build a bridge for you from incidents in the production environment to larger interdependencies.

09:20 // What is behind the power of power BI?

Interview with Microsoft (speaker tbc)

09:40 // Enhanced reporting for OT data management with the new octoplant pro hub

Interview with Dr. Jonas Kalb, Head of Product at AUVESY-MDT

10:00 // Engineering efficency in industrial automation

Interview with Harold van Waardenburg, Director Vertical Market Management at EPLAN.

10:20 // Safeguarding the most demanded automation devices

Interview with Georg Seiss, Director of Customer Service at AUVESY-MDT

10:40 // Industrial automation trends from professional media perspective

Interview with Matthäus Hose, Division Manager at WEKA BUSINESS COMMUNICATION

Impressions of the last Connect Express

Event Coordinator

Bild von Stefanie Pöschl, Ansprechpartnerin Connect 2022

Stefanie Pöschl

Global Marketing Manager


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