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Data management system, an indispensable instrument in operations engineering at Warsteiner

Preventive maintenance has long been the norm at the Warsteiner Brewery. And yet, unplanned maintenance activity can still occur. It is therefore of great importance that the latest update version for each and every PLC be stored centrally. In this industry, there is no time to waste trying to conduct a search.

Automated production at Warsteiner facility

Dipl.-Ing. Thomas Wenthaus from the family-owned company Warsteiner brewery works as an operations engineer in the field of control technology, overseeing existing process facilities. He optimizes and collaborates with the specialist departments in developing new processes during plant expansions and coordinates the maintenance as well as the restart of machines or sections of facilities.

In the past, each maintenance technician created their own backups for various operational sections, but now they use the AUVESY-MDT versioning solution. Starting with a production area, the version and data management has been extended to the filling process. Wenthaus emphasizes the indispensability of this solution: "Today, it's impossible to imagine working without it. Having a centralised data storage system means that there is a complete change history to which all 60 users have access from whichever department they may be in." The goal is to centrally manage all PLC programs in Warstein.

Warsteiner change and data management and in all areas

Troubleshooting made easy

The AUVESY-MDT solution enables quick error localization. Dipl.-Ing. Wenthaus emphasizes the advantages: "We have extensively interconnected our machines. If one machine is down, it can potentially halt the entire filling process. Thanks to AUVESY-MDT, we can locate errors much faster and get the system back up and running."

With the software's change history, it is always possible to trace who, when, what, where, and why changes were made. The AdminClient allows individual configuration of backup jobs and robots. Dipl.-Ing. Wenthaus emphasizes the sensitivity to erroneous data records, which can destroy weeks of coordination efforts. The AUVESY-MDT solution is also crucial for the fine-tuning of the packaging machines. The central control system manages the entire production, which is particularly demanding in the filling process due to the relatively large number of individual machines that are interconnected. Statistical analysis helps maintenance engineers identify weak points and eliminate the causes of malfunctions.

Thanks to AUVESY-MDT, we are able to rapidly localise errors and get the plant back up and running again. The wonderful thing about this software is that fact that you know when exactly a particular change was made, who made it, and why it was made.

Dipl.-Ing.Thomas Wenthaus works at the Warsteiner Group in the operative engineering department
Optimizing processes by networking projects and production equipment at Warsteiner

No missed backups

In process engineering, Thomas Wenthaus ensures the safety of all control systems with the AUVESY-MDT solution for fast restart. In case of errors or failures of components, they are replaced 1:1, the corresponding software version is retrieved from the server, uploaded, and the station or system is immediately ready for operation. This requires a certain discipline when making changes and adjustments to a PLC (programmable logic controller): "Some colleagues had to get used to it at first. But once they realized how great it is to be able to access project data centrally and uniformly, the software was accepted.

The server-client architecture of the AUVESY-MDT solution allows connection to any programming device and access to the required file or software version via the central server. Working with the software is very simple and clear - not least because projects cannot simply be deleted. Even in case of issues, the AUVESY support hotline provides quick assistance, although Warsteiner "seldom come across any real problems. The system is very stable." Electricians and automation engineers also use the system for versioning Excel documents, which enables quick troubleshooting even in the middle of the night.

Reliable PLC backups and differentiated access rights

PLC backups are performed at an average of 40 per day and 300-400 per week, depending on device relevance. The "UserClient" is used for version control and project creation. Wenthaus uses this interface daily and the "ReportClient" for detailed error analysis. As the administrator for process systems, he uses the "AdminClient" for automatic backups and the configuration of the user management. The AUVESY-MDT solution grants differentiated access rights depending on the work area and the decision hierarchy.

Collaboration with external companies, e.g. for plant expansions, runs smoothly thanks to "Supplier Check-Out". The long-term consequence of using the software is the deliberate networking of controllers in new projects for a constantly updated knowledge base. Networking enables efficient work, resource conservation, and time savings for operational engineering.

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