Request a free check

In our free versiondog Performance & Security Check, we will take a look at your individual versiondog system.

Participant requirements:
  • Use of versiondog version 8.5
  • Submission of your versiondog usage information
  • An up-to-date AUVESY Update & Support contract
  • The service is possible once per server
The report contains the following information:
  • How many components do you have in use?
  • Which component types are configured and how?
  • How many jobs are set up?
  • How do the jobs run?
  • Who logged in to your versiondog system the last time and when?
  • How many components, users and jobs, have you licensed?
  • What is the capacity utilization of your versiondog system?


What we need from you:
your versiondog usage information


What does the versiondog usage information contain?
You can find more details on versiondog INFO.

How is this transmitted?
Submitting your versiondog usage information file is straight forward and can be done in one of two ways:

  1. Follow the instructions versiondog INFO to generate your versiondog usage information and upload the JSON file using the corresponding field in the form.

  2. Follow the instructions in versiondog INFO and send the file automatically to AUVESY. (Also possible as a recurring setting).