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Dr. Jonas Kalb

Head of Product, AUVESY-MDT

Dr. Jonas Kalb joined AUVESY-MDT as the Head of Product where he acts as the voice of the customer to ensure the best fitting products are brought to market. He previously worked as a strategy consultant with Simon-Kucher & Company, where he developed customer centric commercial models for fast growing companies in the software and technology space. Jonas holds a PhD in Industrial Economics from the University of St Andrews (UK) and an MSc in Economics (Finance) from the University of Edinburgh.


  • Do you have an idea of what's really going on your shopfloor?
  • Do you have an overview of all your devices and their backup status?
  • Can you easily build the reports you need in your organization?
  • Can you easily monitor version control in multiple production sites?

If not, you should listen carefully to our Head of Product, Dr. Jonas Kalb. At our online conference "CONNECT" he talks about customizable reporting and the added value of an asset inventory for your production.