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Connect Express @ SPS Nuremberg 2022

Welcome to AUVESY-MDT Connect Express @ SPS Nuremberg

AUVESY-MDT Connect Express is a global online conference series reporting from events around the world - this time from SPS 2022 in Nuremberg. SPS 2022 provided a platform for 999 exhibitors and 43,813 visitors to exchange ideas and showcase smart solutions.

During the SPS show, we interviewed industry experts, customers and partners such as Siemens, Nanostone Waters and Claroty about their challenges and solutions around automated production.

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Some Excerpts from our Interviews

State of Industrial Cybersecurity & ICS Risks

Max Rahner
Senior Regional Director DACH & Eastern Europe at Claroty

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Protecting Critical Infrastructures

Jan Remus
C&I / Autmation Engineering Manager, Nanostone Waters

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Anarchy is the enemy of manufacturing assets

Franco Andrighetti
Founder and Managing Director at EFA Automazione S.p.A.

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AUVESY-MDT Connect Express @ SPS Nuremberg

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Get to Know the Experts

Max Rahner Claroty

Max Rahner

Senior Regional Director DACH & Eastern Europe at Claroty

Max Rahner leads Claroty's sales team in Central Europe since the beginning of 2022 and was the first sales representative for Claroty in the region in 2020. But even before Claroty, Max Rahner had been involved with cyber security in manufacturing since 2012, including business development and sales roles. 

As a mechanical engineer (DH), Max Rahner's career began in materials research at a Fraunhofer Institute, followed by positions in automotive development and the semiconductor industry. 

A particularly formative experience in his career was a cyber attack on one of his customers in 2011 in the semiconductor industry, in the course of which Max Rahner experienced first-hand the importance of cyber security and the need of companies in this area.

Jan Remus

C&I / Automation Engineering Manager, Nanostone Water

Jan Remus joined Nanostone Water 2015 as an automation engineer. As a member of the engineering team, he supported in increasing the level of automation in the production of ceramic processes. In addition to the standardization of the production facilities, his tasks include the acquisition of production and process data.

Expectations for automation technology solutions increased rapidly. The C&I Automation department under the leadership of Jan was founded. Since then, Jan has led international projects with his team in Europe and the United States from the perspective of delivering highly automated processes with integrated data interfaces into modern analytics systems.

Milestones of his 20 years activity as an electrical engineer specializing in automation technology are the practice-oriented studies at the Saxon State Academy of Studies with the degree of graduate engineer, the many years of international activities as a freelancer in a wide range of automated solutions in the steel and food industry, mining, and special mechanical engineering.

Mart Scheepers Novotek Benelux

Mart Scheepers

Managing Director Novotek Benelux

Mart Scheepers has more than 30 years in different aspects of OT services, commissioning, finance and a technical education graduated in measurement and control.

Franco Andrighetti

Founder and Managing Director, EFA Automazione S.p.A.

35 years of expertise in Industrial Automation, starting from the very first introduction of PLCs in the global market and deployment of PCs in Monitoring and Control applications (1985). Founder and Managing Director of EFA Automazione SpA, an Italian-based company acting as a Solution Provider in Industrial Automation, as a major player in Industrial Communications and one of the most significant player in Supervisory Control. Our company’s mission is to encourage the knowledge and use of the most innovative technologies in electronics and information technology, and to support the activity of system integrators, engineers, installers and machine builders.

Dr. Tim Weckerle

Group Chief Executive Officer, AUVESY-MDT

After completing mechanical engineering studies and a promoting in Dortmund, Tim Weckerle has gained more than 16 years of experience in control technology and automation. He started his career in software development at AUVESY-MDT eleven years ago. Initially responsible for Information and Business Development, he is now the Group Chief Executive Officer and Member of Executive Board.

neuer COO Stefan Jesse bei AUVESY

Stefan Jesse

Group Chief Operating Officer, AUVESY-MDT

Stefan Jesse studied business administration at the University of Mannheim and previously worked for more than ten years at the leading IT system house company Bechtle in various top management positions. Before that, he worked for many years as an IT and management consultant in various organizations and industries. He is now the Group Chief Operating Officer and Member of Executive Board.

Dr. Jonas Kalb

Head of Product, AUVESY-MDT

Dr. Jonas Kalb recently joined AUVESY-MDT as the Head of Product where he acts as the voice of the customer to ensure the best fitting products are brought to market. He previously worked as a strategy consultant with Simon-Kucher & Company, where he developed customer centric commercial models for fast growing companies in the software and technology space. Jonas holds a PhD in Industrial Economics from the University of St Andrews (UK) and an MSc in Economics (Finance) from the University of Edinburgh.

Georgios Theodoridis

Head of Customer Success, AUVESY-MDT

As Head of Customer Success, Georgios Theodoridis is responsible for strategic sales of the AUVESY-MDT portfolio and for supporting our international customers. He brings many years of experience in the automation and software industry with a focus on Food & Beverage, Consumer Goods and Electronics.

"I support our customers in increasing their plant availability and freeing up technical resources to allocate them more efficiently."