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Our SpeakerMohammed AlKaff

Mohammed AlKaff

Chief Executive Officer

“Allow your passion to become your purpose and one day it will become your profession”. Engineer Mohammed Alkaff has rightly believed in this saying and made things possible with his passion combined with vast knowledge of technology and business. He is someone who loves to take risks and thrives for perfection by adding a touch of his perspective and ideas.

He is professionally a computer science engineer with more than 18 years of experience. With this accumulative experience, he focuses on artificial intelligence, machine learning, industrial automation, and block chain and IOTs. Other than the technology part, he has a vast experience in business and management.

He is a CEO of an esteemed Automation and software development Group of companies focused on industry 4.0, AI, ML, Smart Cities, Smart Energy, Microsoft Solutions, and cutting-edge Technology catering across all industries in the GCC and Mena Region. He leads the company’s business, overseeing a team of creative and talented professionals and managing the market equilibrium thereby bridging the technology gap for Governments & Enterprise accounts.

Engineer Mohammed Alkaff truly believes in uplifting and supporting small businesses and start-ups by mentoring, providing genetic business development skills and fund raising. He has founded/co-founded start-ups like Haqq chain, Qahwa Street, UI ventures, Wershey, Thoub. He has also partnered with Jamaliki and Co-founded Diamond roses UAE, Social Connecx and Arab Women Entrepreneurs.

OT Immunity & Intelligent Data Management with Auvesy-MDT
May 25, 2022, 06:00 - 06:30 PM CEST

  • Auvesy-MDT, a unique value proposition today.
  • Since 2007, MCPM has been known to incorporate great technologies & hence this partnership with Auvesy-MDT
  • Safeguarding operations across range of device types & brands
  • Ability to recover from external & internal threats
  • Problems faced by customers : array of  OT devices & brands, lack of centralized platform
  • Why Auvesy-MDT : Great product & support, enterprise rollout, global acceptance, market leader
  • octoplant : leapfrogging to next generation platform, unified approach towards managing critical aspects of OT
  • Talk about : Sharjah Municipality (Waste water utility in the Emirates)