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Our SpeakerJan Remus

Jan Remus

C&I / Automation Engineering Manager

Jan Remus joined Nanostone Water 2015 as an automation engineer. As a member of the engineering team, he supported in increasing the level of automation in the production of ceramic processes. In addition to the standardization of the production facilities, his tasks include the acquisition of production and process data.

Expectations for automation technology solutions increased rapidly. The C&I Automation department under the leadership of Jan was founded. Since then, Jan has led international projects with his team in Europe and the United States from the perspective of delivering highly automated processes with integrated data interfaces into modern analytics systems.

Milestones of his 20 years activity as an electrical engineer specializing in automation technology are the practice-oriented studies at the Saxon State Academy of Studies with the degree of graduate engineer, the many years of international activities as a freelancer in a wide range of automated solutions in the steel and food industry, mining, and special mechanical engineering.

versiondog as part of ceramic membrane
May 24, 2022, 07:45 - 08:15 PM CEST

The production of ceramic filters for industrial applications requires a high degree of discipline in addition to the highly complex production processes. Nanostone Water lives the "change management process" with all the associated methods.

Due to the ever-increasing level of automation of our process equipment and the related understanding that changes in the user application have an impact on quality characteristics, we use VersionDog to identify authorized as well as unauthorized changes in the PLC programs.

Besides changes in the PLC applications, we focus on recipe entries and parameter changes. Here, the "jobs" in versiondog help us to detect and evaluate deviations to previous settings in a very short time. The team grows. Accesses to control program statuses are now managed by versiondog.