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Our SpeakerJan Petersen
Jan Petersen von Siemens Energie

Jan Petersen

Senior Manufacturing Engineer at Siemens Energy AS

Jan Petersen has been working at Siemens Energy for 14 years. Starting in the engineering department in Trondheim (Norway) he worked with many projects for the offshore drilling market. As a software engineer, he followed projects from the design and engineering phase to commissioning in the shipyard and finally service and repairs offshore. Since 2020 he works as manufacturing engineer in battery factory of Siemens Energy. The factory produces batteries for marine applications on a fully automated production line. Jan studied electrical engineering and holds a Dipl.-Ing (FH) from the University of applied sciences Bremen (Hochschule Bremen).

May 25, 2022, 09:00 - 09:30 AM CEST
Replacing hundreds of zip-files with versiondog

To ensure that drilling rigs can drill and ships can leave port, Siemens Energy relies on services like AUVESY’s versiondog software. Jan Petersen remembers well the challenges before versiondog was introduced. Before a service engineer could leave for the job he had to download the latest zip-fil to his computer. After a successful service visit the updated software was stored on the engineers PC, often due to lack of internet access offshore. These new versions were not always promptly transferred to the central server and thus to engineering. In the worst case, they were never transferred because the files on the server were forgotten.

Before versiondog was introduced to Siemens Energy AS, it was possible to save the current software versions in a zip file and then change the date and time. Due to the number of manual entries, this way carried the risk of incorrect entries. The risk associated with this method disappeared with the introduction of versiondog, because of versiondog automatically shows who changed what, where, when and why. Learn more about how Siemens Energy switched from zip files to a valuable tool like versiondog and how Siemens Energy has now a comprehensive and uniform overview for all projects and versions in production and maintenance.